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Is Bruce Forsyth dead? by Heavy Load

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Posted: 16 March 09

Heavy Load are a Brighton based punk band who formed in the mid 90s.
They'd been playing a disability arts events for years before they were discovered by a documentary film maker and last year saw the release of the award winning feature length documentary 'Heavy Load' at cinemas across the UK and film festivals across the world.
The film charts their attempts to break their form of chaotic garage punk to a wider 'mainstream' audience.
The band have played all over the UK, at various festivals and last year played in New York. This year they are set to announce some even bigger dates and continue their busy touring schedule.
They're also the founders of the Stay Up Late campaign – fighting for the rights of people who need support o be able to stay out and party with everyone else.
This song is about old celebrities that disappear off the radar – or did they die?

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