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000111000(Time is running out) by Joke Against Man

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Posted: 20 March 09

Back in 2006 Connor Stanford, Anthony Burtenshaw and Kieran Clinch decided to create a band. This band is called JOKE AGAINST MAN!!

At first they had a few setbacks, people leaving and not showing commitment. They then finished high school and Kieran went to another college making it hard to meet up. It seemed to be the end.

But with a stroke of luck on the first week that Connor and Anthony attended their Access to Music course they found the other two members of their band, Trevor Packer on vocals and on rhythm guitar Tom Pearson.

They all gel together. They rehearse two days a week as well as attending their Access to Music course the other three days. They rehearse so much that they are as tight as they can be, making then the most professional band on their course.

When they rehearse they seen to be able to communicate without words, this is how they come up with their songs. Connor starts a beat on the drums; Anthony, Kieran and Tom play along on the guitars and bass then Trev picks up the feel of the tune and starts to sing along. They have seven songs, two of which have been professionally recorded.

They bring many different influences to their music, such as Soulfly, Deftones and Trivium. This puts feeling and emotions in to their music which they hope to get across to their listener. It also gives them a new sound and flavour that is unique to them.

They want to make it big to prove that metal music isn’t dead. When they do make it big they want to be on the same level as their fans and not unapproachable “super fans” They are all one big family.

These five are the winning formula and want everyone to listen to their music who ever they are and where ever they come from. When you do you will lose yourself.

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