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Dignity by Luckyhorse

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Posted: 12 April 09

Luckyhorse are a brighton based collaboration between singer songwriter simon f baker (Funking barstewards percussionist) and guitarist/anything with strings player keith osborne (Reubens train, PPO, and FB's). The now 'fading nicely thanks' craggy and slightly eccentric duo made their debut album with this latest offering in 2007, but have been playing together in various guises since around the age of 15, a feat at which they make no bones of being somewhat proud. Their unique blend of ethereal songsmithery and indie-roots/psyche-country-swamp is more than capable of surprising and beguiling the listener with twists and turns of the dark, uplifting, and musically unexpected, whilst at the same time bearing the hallmark of something possessed with a hugely timeless quality. The pair are currently working on their second album to be released later in 2009.

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