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Tyre Pressure Was The Least Of His Worries by White Star Liners

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Posted: 28 April 09

White Star Liners are an Independent band from Brighton (UK). They fuse guitars and electronica with infectious melodies and catchy hooks to create a feel somewhere between Grandaddy, Elliott Smith and The Kinks.

Formed in the winter of 2007 when the organiser of The IPO music festival heard a rough demo of their music and liked it so much he invited them to play their debut gig in New York. Jim Duncan (Guitar & Vocals) and James Harvey (Keys & Lyrics) jumped at the chance and started writing more songs. They soon had an albums worth of material so in the summer of 2008 they began recording their debut album " The Rural Electrification".

The album was launched at a sold out show at The Albert, Brighton in December of 2008 for which Simon Parker and Dan Sinclair were recruited as permanent members of the band for bass and drum duties.

The initial run of CD's sold out within the first month of its release!! With copies selling across the globe to Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Sweden and many others.
It is also gaining fast momentum in Italy, "Tyre Pressure Was The Least Of His Worries" is frequently played on a national radio station based in Florence. And it has received great praise from Italian music journalist Emmanuel Marian saying –

"White Star Liners are a great independent band. They've put together an album which is absolutely sensational and quite unexpected. They know all about making unconventional music and they have a great deal of talent achieving amazing results"

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