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Book by Jak Raven

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Posted: 29 April 09

Born in a world wrapped in multicoloured croche’ blankets and winding wooden stairs leading up to the tree-line behind the butter-cup pastures.
Jak Raven came to be.
Raised from the majick of the valleys, the spirit of the age, and a healthy amount of beans on toast, he gained a healthy obsession for the most amzing thing in the world, where ryan the whale jumped out of the porridge on his motorbike and twelve hungry strawberries fell out of his left nostril whilst urinating on bobbing apples in a sea of mud.
But nigels’ left buttock started laughing at the donkey that jumped off the cliff in the natural history museum and….well the rest is history.

After tunnelling through vast amounts of opiates and hallucinogenic puff-balls, Mr. Raven began to find many curious connections within the world of hobbits and dragons and horse-men which came about by remembering his child-hood memories of blue-grass summers, rootsy rainy days, and the winters of pop culture and the north American influence of drum circles and shaman journeys to find his dog.

The get-out-of-jail-free card had expired and only one option was for Mr. Jak Raven….to fly across the pond and seek refuge in the reeds and marsh land of BritLand and become qualified in the eyes of the BigBirds that knew of his return.
And the mission was not in vain! For many an elder has brought Mr. Raven up to where he flies now; in the thick of a strong gail-force wind that blows many song birds out of the sky and causes them to nose dive at feeding tables and scavenge for pork scraps left outside after a Sunday roast.

Oh these days of underground networking by the rabbits, foxes and badgers has just begun, and the Raven shall fly highest to share a chuckle and a caw after what he for-sees.

Where are the rest of those prepared to fly in the thick of it! Probably where you left them…the corner of a room in a budgy cage ☺

Raised from Punk-Rock, Ska, Acoustic Folk, and Irish roots Music
Has a soft spot for the poets: john Masefield, Lawrence sail, Dillon Thomas,

Will always enjoy making people laugh… abit.

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