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Left for Dead by Ghost of a Thousand

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Posted: 30 October 07

The passion and fury of hardcore, the effervescent originality of punk-rock; THE GHOST OF A THOUSAND have finally arrived conceiving the most bracing and inspired new sound of the year along the way...

From the south shores of the UK, the five members of the Ghost singer Tom Lacey, guitarist Andy Blyth, drummer Memby Jago, bassist Gez Walton and guitarist Jag have already started to carve their name into the UK music scene. A spate of highly successful UK tours only fuelled an already dedicated and rapidly expanding national fan-base and after only a short existence, record label 'Undergroove' snapped them up. Critical acclaim instantly followed from mainstream press and larger bands such as Aiden, Johnny Truant, Boys Night Out, This Is Hell and The Sleeping.

Ingenious hooks that send crowds into hysteria, breath-taking guitar parts that cut like hot blades and envisioned drumming that will make your heart beat to a new rhythm are captivating everyone. All combined with abstractly sinister lyrics it makes their debut record mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge) - This is Where the Fight Begins one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of 2007!

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