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Shivers by Crawlspace

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Posted: 13 May 09

From the deepest, darkest depths of beyond comes......
Dark-Surreal-Twisted Soundtracks of a Tortured Soul.
Heavy Gyrating Beats and Tribal Rhythms Penetrated by Hypnotic
Organic Pulsating Bass with Spiralling Hallucinogenic Melodies...
Originally, Crawlspace was formed by
Nimbus the Noodle (Paradox, Mandragora, The Giant Eyes, The Alternators, Daddy Fantastic), solely to remix 90's Avant-garde Brighton band 'The Giant Eyes'. It soon became obvious that this inspiring task had opened the doorways to many new ideas as past met present.
Crawlspace consists of many different musicians that have
collaborated either with The Giant Eyes and/or Nimbus.
The most prominent of these musicians being Luc Stefan,
co-founder member of Crawlspace & Thirsty UK.
The two are aided by the wonderful psychedelic guitar talents
of Wobbly Bob (R.I.P.) from Daddy Fantastic. Crawlspace also features Bass Guitar from Hawkwind's new Guitarist Niall Hone who was also a member of The Giant Eyes & Mandragora.
In 2001, Brighton's Radio 4A broadcast 30 minutes from 'Save Yourself', as part of their Easter Mass Special.
Crawlspace are featured in 'Gypsy Widow' a film from New Jersey which is to be shown at Film Festivals throughout the USA this Summer. Crawlspace are also plotting a film, live performances & installations for 09.

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