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And You Command Everybody... by The Red Attack

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Posted: 16 May 09

The Red Attack is the child of a Brighton based student. When I am not making the music, songs and tunes you hear I try to complete a degree and I work as a part-time sales assistant. The Red Attack was born in the autumn of 2006, starting off with loop based tunes, that were absolutely appalling, but my family and friends, even random internet stumblers who came across my acidplanet page, showed confidence in me, gave me criticism, but good criticism. I took it on board, processed it, manipulated it, grew it and produced a better song than before.

My debut EP, From The Depths of Death To The Height of Living was testing the waters, the prototype of my super car, the model boat to see if the design works, the model of the building to see if it suits that industrial estate in Russia, the big toe in the hot bath to see if the rest of the body can take the heat. The car, went fast, the boat floated, Krasnodar's county council gave me planning permission and the bath was not too hot. The EP somehow sold, despite no promotion or any effort on my part. Although i should have. I should have been out there shouting to the world.

My next musical target is my album, the debut album. Featuring tracks from all over the musical spectrum. Here, there, everywhere. Believe me, its going to be amazing (although I would say that). Watch the charts, listen to the radio for album - And You Command Everybody...

My music is an emotional banana boat, throwing you left, right, up in the air and then back down again. Watch out, as you might fall off! This, of course, is my opinion. One thing i will say is i try, anything and everything. I try.

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