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The Wrong Kind of Love by No Sharp Objects

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Posted: 29 May 09

The band 'No Sharp Objects' was formed in 2005 as an acoustic duo of Mike and Nigel producing chilled out tunes on acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and vocals, playing local venues in Brighton & Hove. All this changed however at the start of 2008 when the acoustic duo became an electric three piece with the addition of long term friend and drummer Dawn. The band set about re-writing some of the acoustic tracks to fit a harder, louder and altogether new sound, whilst writing new material to fit the new approach. The result is a vibrant sound with tribal beats and hard hitting 'wall of sound' moments.

Described by Latest as Alt Country Noir Rock, the track ‘Home’ has been in the Latest Music Chart since September 08 (with over 3,500 hits), and was recorded last August at Yamaha HQ for their ‘Band for a grand’ competition.

The band have just completed their first EP called Contour at Redroom studio in Brighton. The EP has three audio tracks, The Wrong Kind of Love, Good Guys and The Colour of Pain, plus a video for the track Home.

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