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Batten Down The Hatches (Extended Version) by 12 Stone Toddler

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Posted: 04 June 09

this latest single gives us another excuse to shove their name in your face. Tight indie rhythms and melodic piano gives this catchy single an early Ben Folds kind of feel, only replacing the boo-hoo angst with a cheery optimism that clearly has its eye on the prize. We’ll be wearing smug told-you-so grins when they do finally break big, join us now so your t-shirt isn’t bandwagon jumping, box-fresh when it happens.” -

“There’s something wonderfully Mike Patton-esque about 12 Stone Toddler, like a funkier Mr Bungle they tread a tamer line than the aforementioned Mr Bungle but that slack tiffing and demonic crooning work so well you wonder if Mr Patton should maybe keep an ear on the progenies he influences if only for some new ideas.”
- Single of the month! - Subba-cultcha

“‘Batten Down The Hatches’ is an energetic carnival of a track, lots of frantic organ and infectious bass rumble that follows the vocals in a way that was made for rump-shaking, whilst ‘Broken Hearts…’ is a lighter affair with a still prominent bass and made-for-you-to-join-in handclaps…”

“A majestic tinkle of melodic pianos and a gentle verse, before the deep guitar kicks in and the complementary high keyboards give us a nice catchy mix of Indie-Rock-Pop.”

“As unpindownable as an electric eel, a crazy mélange of disparate styles marinated in a rich sauce of riffery and basted with pure rock spunk!”

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