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In The Script by The Mojo Fins

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Posted: 04 June 09

“…New single ‘In The Script’ nods to John Fogerty in lyric but forges its own path of semi-folk pop with up-tempo beat employing more key changes than a Westlife CD, but the discourse that risks its easy-listening credentials succeeds in exposing the band’s strengths, particularly agile guitar work…”
4.5/5 -

“… The Fins breathe the same kind of melodious air as bands like Keane – polished, accomplished and catchy without resorting to curious hair and silly trousers to get them noticed. Recent Q Music Emerging Talent finalists, they’re back with In The Script, a new single continuing their admirable brace of recent releases. This is adetermined band whose only real angle (in a facile world where people describing music in magazines usually demand such a thing) is that they’re really good at making nice tunes - their mojo is definitely working.” -

“Radio friendly and well adjusted… Gentle hearts thrum against delicate cartilage, soundtracky tracks sound hi-polish.”
Plan B Magazine

“The Mojo Fins are a very fine proposition indeed… gorgeous melodies abound and the widescreen wistfulness should see them clean up amongst those who enjoy a nice tune… sometimes you just don’t need ’edgy’.” -

“Shimmering, soaring sound and heartwarming vocals. The harmonies are sublime, the lyrics unforgettable.”

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