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Posted: 06 August 09

Originally forming in Jersey Channel Islands sometime in 2003 and now based in the bright town of Brighton, THE GAA GAA'S are ready to sweep the UK gig circuit with our rapid pop! Taking influence from the more recent spiky art punk sound of london as well as keeping our routes of 60’s psyche and garage, Jazz, late 70’s punk and post punk, 80’s era goth and music of the modern no wave genre that has erupted in small secluded towns of the US with the likes of Les Georges Leningrad, Numbers & The Sick Lipstick. Our plan is to write songs that gets people moving and keeps them interested! There's alot of stuff out there at the minute that is a poor imitation of everything else. Take Brighton for example, everyone is trying to sound like Foals and we feel this is awful! There's so much more out there if you're willing to dig deep enough.

We have a 5 track EP titled 'We Are All Pop Stars!' produced by Alistair Gavan @ Transmission Studios in Brighton with guest saxophone from Luke Georgiou of Twisted Charm! ...The EP is available to purchase online on CD format released independently on our own label BulbGash_Records. We also have our (One Eye'd Stranger) split 7" which is available to purchase and have recently started work on our fourth coming EP 'Repulsion Seminar' due out in August on Filthy Little Angels Records! ...If you see us on a poster in or around your town/city, come along and check us out! We promise a great performance x

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