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Standing On the Edge of the Tide by Baxter

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Posted: 02 September 09

What do you get when you put together a former boy band member who got kicked off X Factor, a drink-happy Scotsman from a credible rock act, a ginger Kiwi from a retro indie outfit, a bedroom bassist and a fit female Welsh keyboardist…well Baxter, of course!

Yes that’s right folks. South London’s Baxter is an immensely diverse amalgamation of various personalities and musical influences that are looking to take the world by storm. So you ask: ‘yeah but what band doesn’t? And what makes these Baxter folk think they’re so special?’ Let us elucidate…

A long time ago in a land far, far away called Scotland, Scott ‘The Scot’ MacRae, was in the band Girl Said No after their mean old major label made them change their name. However, that proved to be not such a problem as their album ‘This Way Up’ broke the Scottish top 20 leading them to favourable press, supporting acts including Girls Aloud and Ocean Colour Scene plus playing a Live8 event and festivals all over the UK. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, they had to call it a day with their label and then as a band.

Enter drummer Dave Harris who is noted for being in New Zealand’s Revolver which had acquired much media acclaim, multiple awards and thousands of groupies with their album ‘Parlour Games’. He moved to London to rub down celebrity muscles and partnered up with Scott for songwriting after a chance encounter on his physiotherapy table.

Around the same time another future Baxterite named Jamie Tinkler was being put through the pop machine spotlight. Having previously appeared on TV as the third place contender as the UK’s Eurovision representative, he went on to participate in Pop Idol which led Jamie on to be in the Pete Waterman and Tim Byrne-managed POP!, landing several Top 20 hits and getting him recording deals with nearly every major label. After a hiatus, he resurfaced in the X-Factor with boy band Avenue. Yes. I’m sure you might remember them. Of course you do! Avenue was the first act ever to be disqualified for already being signed to a manager just before the final. It was all over the front page of your publication, on the TV and in the news segments of your radio broadcasts! Having had enough of the cruel cheesy pop world (thank heavens!), Jamie met Scott and Dave, and the incarnation of Baxter began.

Keyboardist Jenny Kumaran joined after a rigorous 12 hour audition for the band. To complete the line up she then called up her previous bassist Dean Meekings, a proper rock ‘n’ roller, who, after accepting the offer, later gained the name Road Dog due to his antics on his first Baxter tour.

So where does that leave them now? Playing the Clapham Grand in front of a 1000 people? Selling out London’s finest clubs especially ones with numbers in their names including the 100 Club, 333 Motherbar and 229’s main room? Being nominated for Best Band at the Indy Music Awards in 2008 with no release? Touring all over the UK circuit as headliners? The answer is: Yes to all of the above!

Finally, the band is now releasing their debut EP ‘End of the World.’ This first effort is a non-cheese infused stirring pop laced rock EP melding all of their influences from Kings of Leon & Starsailor to The Killers & Snow Patrol together. ‘End of the World’ is already gaining support from fans, early leaks to the industry and UK regional radio. They’ve come along way (especially Kiwi Dave) but the members of Baxter are ready to grace the front pages again. Except this time, let’s be nice to them. Besides, X-Factor is for losers. I mean look at Leona Lewis, right? (Well if you can call selling millions of records worldwide being a loser… We’re joking, of course!)

‘End of the World’ EP with single ‘Standing on the Edge of the Tide’ on Malloty Up Records is due out on 7th September 2009. Baxter is playing the main stage at the Fresh Festival on Saturday 26th September with various other tour dates posted on their MySpace. For more information, please contact

What they say so far…
‘Baxter do exactly what they say on the tin in producing catchy commercial pop-rock and they will tick a lot of boxes on the checklist for indie success’ -UK Music Review

‘Baxter’s ‘End Of The World’ EP could actually be four top ten singles. Extremely catchy commercial pop-rock, these guys will no doubt appeal to a wide audience. Amazing songwriting, executed with passion and enthusiasm, impeccable musicianship and an all round package of look, sound, style and energy’ – Feedme Music

‘End of The World with its blend of mellow guitars and the honey-coated voice of frontman Jamie Tinkler, sets the tone for the collection. Cue the muted heavenly harmonies, Snow Patrol-style dynamics, softly insistent cymbals – altogether, it’s a lovely sound" - The Music Magazine

‘a phenomenally good set of indie rock songs with soul.’- Subba Cultcha

‘4 chaps and one lady, who frankly make the most emotionally turbulent of sounds, the type of which that drag you headlong on a rollicking rollercoaster ride one minute lifting you high on peaks of euphoria and then the next plummeting you to the depths of heart aching despair…my word can they carve a right royal anthem driven nugget or four as happens to be the case here.’ – Losing Today

‘a very neat four track EP in fine style, and I for one am looking forward to hearing a lot more from them.’ –The Beat Surrender

Baxter has been playlisted by over 10 UK radio stations with spot plays on countless others!

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