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Cowboys Blues by Jaybee

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Posted: 28 September 09

Jaybee (aka James Bennett) writes and sings surprising, quirky, outrageous and utterly original songs about angels, vampires, cowboys and pussy cats in a vaguely pop idiom, all brewed in a studio-formerly-known-as-garage, from equal parts technology and inspiration. Lives near Brighton, UK. Never plays live. Is intensely private (apart from spilling his soul all over those songs). Loves Kate Bush with a passion, and also Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Rufus Wainwright. Solo mavericks all. And that's what Jaybee aspires to be.

Sussex Cowboy, Jaybee's sixth solo album, released September 2009, is a pop-country-electro adventure. Kind of gay but safe for straights. Yee-hi, get on down.

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