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wasting my time by jaybee

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Posted: 02 November 09

Jaybee (aka James Bennett) writes and sings surprising, quirky, outrageous and utterly original songs about angels, vampires, cowboys and pussy cats in a vaguely pop idiom, all brewed in a studio-formerly-known-as-garage, from equal parts technology and inspiration. Lives near Brighton, UK. Never plays live. Is intensely private (apart from spilling his soul all over those songs). Loves Kate Bush with a passion, and also Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Rufus Wainwright. Solo mavericks all. And that's what Jaybee aspires to be.

Sussex Cowboy
Sussex Cowboy, Jaybee's sixth solo album, released November 2009, is a pop-country-electro adventure. Kind of gay but safe for straights. Yee-hi, get on down.

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