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Gotta Work by Stuart Newman

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Posted: 02 January 10

Unsigned 22 year old English DIY songwriter currently living near Brighton (UK). All the songwriting, vocals, voices and music is created by Stuart Newman. He has a mellow acoustic, lyrical sound that resonates. Fans have described the music as “sunny days on a rainy sky” and “A Beatley Nick Drake”. It’s music for when it’s late at night you need to think or be on your own. The music sometimes drifts towards the political… sometimes towards the quirky… Thinking music, for the thinking music fan. With influences ranging from right across the spectrum, Newman’s writing draws from different creative pools, creating songs with different personalities. Fans have often compared Stuart Newman’s music to that of Elliott Smith, Bon Iver, Sparklehorse and Leonard Cohen.

Some of his successes to date include having radio play on BBC6 Music, BFBS Radio and being played in gas stations throughout Connecticut on the AMP Radio Network. Newman has also had an interview on Chichester (UK) local radio at SpiritFM.

Newman’s current album project “Single But Defective” has initially been offered as a free download in order to continue to spread the music far and wide internationally.

Newman's right-handed, and yet he plays guitar left-handed. Weird.

The album is on FREE download here:

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