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Rope Burn by Left Hand Red

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Posted: 01 February 10

Left Hand Red are a Brighton-based, indie-rock quartet formed in the summer of 2005.

After spending three years building a strong collection of songs, 2009 saw Left Hand Red make the decision to start working towards the independent release of their debut album.

They embrace the techniques and opportunities that have emerged for independent artists to promote themselves in recent times and look on activities such as file-sharing and free music streaming as a help, rather than a hindrance to the success of the band.

Left Hand Red have built a reputation as a “must see” Brighton band with their energetic live performances. They plan to continue playing shows on a local level as well as a handful farther afield whilst completing their debut album. A full UK tour is planned to coincide with the release in 2011.

The artistic freedom of being an independent artist is one of the most important things to the band. Left Hand Red do not want to be moulded, styled or pushed into anything that they do not want to do and with word spreading and fan support growing by the day, they are aiming high and reaching for success on their terms.

The band are currently writing and home-recording demos with the aim to head into the recording studio to finalise the tracks in the autumn of 2010. The as-yet untitled debut album is due for release early 2011.

For free downloads of all Left Hand Red material, please see their MySpace at

“Left Hand Red are highly watchable diamonds in a straight-up rock genre littered with bores. Their recent ‘Transition’ E.P. is well worth investigating” - Ben Miller, Critic, The Argus

”’Transition’, a raucous, lively and generally spiffing E.P.”- Latest Seven

“These sweet pop-rock hooks taste like everything from Oasis to QOTSA and smell like the good times you can only get with a good old rock out.” – Brighton Source Magazine

"Definitely check these guys out. They're experiemental, alternative sound will bring together all those who like The White Stripes, The Hives and The Vines with those who rock out to Nirvana, Soundgarden, and the Pixies. Absolutely brilliant." - New Rock News 43

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