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Full Moon by Paperfaces

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Posted: 11 February 10

Paper Faces are a Folk/Rock band hailing from West Sussex. Their distinctive mix of easy listening melodies and lyrics, accompanied by more upbeat and rockier rhythms produce a sound that will appeal to most ears.

Marie Dance, originally from Abingdon in Oxfordshire, uses her unique outlook on life in her lyrics to draw a picture that most people can relate to. Vocals are warm and inviting, while the contrasting melodies from the acoustic guitar really pull out the folk-style in the music.

Chris Baigent, Sussex born and bred, provides some fantastic riffs and melodies on bass. A good solid rock foundation in his playing gels the transition from verse to chorus and beyond, adding that extra “edge” to the music that will get your feet tapping.

Paul Moseley, also from Sussex, makes the trio. His percussion skills shine through on their tracks, bringing in the element of heavy rock beats for some tracks, moving to easy jazz in others. He adapts to the music with ease, really bringing the band, and the music, together.

We have Folk, We have Rock, and we have Soul.

We are Paper Faces!


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