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Go Your Way by Roy's Wife

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Posted: 17 February 10

Royswife are a four piece outfit born out of a string of events that happened in August which involved a homeless person, a guitar with four strings, a book on dogs, a miniature top hat, a very large top hat, and some underground sparkle from Shoredich’s cobbled backstreets! ...3 days later a marriage was consummated amongst the flora of a tropical forest located on an land arc in Hackney- and Royswife was born! Watch these guys live to capture the true essence of their unpretentious lunacy and emotive musical magic. The vocals of Royswife are delivered in passionate soft whispers, cello intro’s and riffs, a backline machine of bass and drums driving the ship with power and tact, which is gathered together by the captain of the ship and musical wizard. Comparable to a cross between Zero 7, Goldfrapp, Lily Alan, and Tori Amos – you can’t not get engaged by the sounds projected from this spread of influences. Take a listen to our rough demo tracks and let us know what you think so far...

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