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Fall Apart by BreakinBear

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Posted: 15 March 10

Train and Wells have been working on BreakinBear since Autumn 2008.

Within 6 months BreakinBear has evolved into a complete live act, with DJ and AV collaborators. This has seen them have a long-playing number 1 on local Brighton music chart, the Latest 7, and playing slots at Liverpool Sound City, and Manchester Hungry Pigeon festivals.

Train’s guitar songs are produced by Wells, blending influences that include, but are not limited to blues, soul, indie, electro, dub, breaks, and hip-hop. BreakinBear are based in Brighton and London.

Wells performs using a laptop, keyboard, midi-controller, synthesizers, and drums. Train performs using guitars, synthesizers, and vocals. Gee produces original photographic art and Maison produces digital artwork, and their work is displayed in the VJ set, which plays behind Train and Wells onstage.

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