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Sleepless In Warsaw (Keeko Remix) by Goloka

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Posted: 04 May 10

Goloka are Kasia and Brighton DJ Mr Haywood.
Goloka tracks have appeared on over 40 albums worldwide. From London to Tokyo, from China to Europe. Highlights appear on ‘Hotel Costes’ ‘Hed Kandi served Chilled’ and 2 years in succession on the popular Ibiza café Mambo collection.
A new video for the deep and sensuous remix of ‘Sleepless I Warsaw’ is now ready to view.
The audio visual affair results in a dreamlike underside of crafted sound design. Sleepless In Warsaw is a gritty but sensual track that takes the deepest grooves & basslines to the next level of mood electronica.

Kasia’s lyrics tell a master-tale of wicked love, lust and temptation. An an elegant encounter between lush vocals and mind stimulating soundwaves. The David Pannell mix serves up an aural feast.

The forthcoming EP 'AMENITY', is a landmark mini album of sonic collisions by these ‘genre twisting masters’, where downtempo meets contemporary
trip hop, dark arpeggios collide with exotic chord progressions, as ethereal vocal bites float over ambient layers of sensual audio head massage electronica….

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