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We Are Engerland (Teamsheet Lyric Update no2) by Three Brians

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Posted: 07 June 10

We are Engerland!
THE Unofficial England World Cup song 2010!
Three Brians all live in Worthing, and came together to provide all football lovers who want to support the England team in South Africa a catchy song to sing along to in the pub

Of course we had to choose 66p as our price, but we will donate 10p from every sale from to the DEC Haiti Earthquake appeal.

Buy the track direct from us for 66p, or if you prefer to give Steve Jobs some money too, from iTunes at

See our Youtube channel to watch the video!

Spread the love, and join our Facebook group at

This is now the THIRD edition of the song, as we promise to keep updating the lyrics every time there is a team change such as Terry getting the sack, or Becks or Owen - and now Rio Ferdinand getting crocked and dropping out. We were in the studio again this weekend and version 3 is up as of 7th June 08.00
FURTHERMORE, we guarantee to send every single person who bought an early version of the track FREE updates until we either
A) get knocked out
B) WIN the World Cup!!

That way, not only do you always have the current bang up to date version, you ALSO have your own official and rare copy of the early versions! Cool.

Adapted with permission from "D.I.S.C.O." by Ottowan and written by Daniel Vangarde and Jean Kluger. Song published by Chelsea Music in the UK.
The video was filmed on location in Sunny Worthing, at the Vintners Parrot & Worthing FC

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