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Make me offer by Stonewall Gardens

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Posted: 05 October 10

Bob and Hayley have been together for many years, but it was only whilst visiting to St. Tropez earlier this year that Bob decided to write and perform some his own music.
Bob has been in the music business all of his life from a child he learnt to play several different instruments including Drums, Piano, harmonica and 12 string guitar. (As can be seen in the videon on the video page of the website).
Bob has truly lead the Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle having links with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Don Craine (Downliners Sect), Mick Avery (The Kinks), Van Morrison and Cozy Powell to name but a few.
He has performed all over the world including tours for the armed forces with his band WildKatz, and played to audiences of over 50,000 when fronting his current band the highly established Railing Stains again touring internationally.(check out www.railingstains.co.uk)

Bob says, "It wasn't until Hayley and I had time to get away from the Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle for a break in St Tropez that I realised how many songs I had in me. " Bob has written several new songs of which 'Make me an Offer' is the first. He is soon to go back to the studio with Hayley to record the album. Be sure to keep a look out for it on this site.

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