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SOFAR channel by the wolfgirl liberation

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Posted: 14 October 10

this track contains a recordings made in 1975 by a scientists exploring the SOFAR channel (short for Sound Fixing and Ranging channel), or deep sound channel,

Sound propagates in the channel by refraction of sound, which makes sound travel near the depth of slowest speed.

this recording was made near Bermuda, the sound channel axis occurs at a depth of around 1000 meters. In temperate waters, the axis is shallower, and at high latitudes (above about 60°N or below 60°S) it reaches the surface.

Mysterious low-frequency sounds, attributed to humpback whales and other baleen whales, are a common occurrence in the channel. Scientists believe humpback whales may dive down to this channel and "sing" to communicate with other humpback whales many kilometers away

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