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Little Scars by Ghostbirds

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Posted: 28 February 08

After gigging around New Zealand for three years, singer/songwriter Jaime Regan returned to the UK and began playing solo around London, before returning home to Brighton, meeting drummer/percussionist Simon Cambers in late 2006 and forming a new band, Ghostbirds.

Ghostbirds have since been playing regularly in and around Brighton and London, building an enthusiastic following, drawn to their passionate and atmospheric music and distinctive vocals.

In October 2007, Simon and Jaime were joined by pianist/guitarist/singer Fraser Brough. He and Jaime had first met at University in 1995, skipping classes and staying up all night to play guitar and sing - some years, a few bands, and a trip around the world later - they began working together again.

Ghostbirds are currently writing new material and booking forthcoming gigs.

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