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Unspoken by La Lunalight

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Posted: 20 December 10

Hello, my name's La Lunalight and I live in Brighton. I've been producing music since the age of 10; both electronic and for acoustic guitar.

I first became interested in sound around the age of 10 when I used to try things out on the music sequencing programmes on my parents' Atari computer. From there I got into producing using other bits of kit.

I am currently in the process of finishing my first album and this summer we shot the music video for the first track "Unspoken". This is currently in post production and is looking schweet!
This summer is the music video and album launch party, to be held in Brighton. There will be live performances from myself and others. Expect crazy outfits and decor.

Keep posted on SoundCloud for more details.

La Lunalight (20.12.10)

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