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Yes Here it Is by Raising Maisie

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Posted: 08 March 11

The Raising Maisie jigsaw can be completed in a matter of seconds, by placing together the only 4 pieces. Max Langley (Vocals, guitar), Charlie Joseph (Vocals, keys), Tom Chilton (Vocals, bass) and Zal Jones (Drums,)
Born in a manger in the little town of Brighton in July 2009, this cancerian 4-piece has gone up, up and away their attempts to revive the good old British pop band playing a fresh, new sound. Since forming at one of the nation’s leading music colleges, the boys have been an unstoppable force in capturing the hearts and minds and of course ears of music lovers across the South East, including victory and success in various competitions. Prior to formation, the band of merry men have individually been involved in serious musical projects including major festivals, television and theatre. As dedicated lovers of commercial music, Raising Maisie are becoming increasingly disheartened at the mainstream music’s rapid plunge into a blackhole of boredom. So let down your hair, lighten up your life and rock to the pop!

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