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Kingdom by Julia Fitness

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Posted: 16 May 11

Julia Fitness is a singer/songwriter, based in Brighton, UK. Writing in a range of styles from pop and rock to electro and classical, Julia's music is personally expressive, exploring the yearnings and celebrations of the soul.

Together with drummer Fabio Sclafani and bassist Philip Bedford, Julia's band is completed with guitarist and top producer Christopher Rye. Their diverse musical backgrounds and unanimous love of classical to rock and everything in between gives their sound a unique edge; with soft melding piano, atmospheric guitar and haunting melodies.

Fused with influences from bands such as Muse, Radiohead, Kate Bush, Portishead and Pink Floyd, their diversity and arrangements range from heartfelt ballads to powerful soulful anthems. Singer/songwriter Julia says, “My whole life has been about music and song writing. I write all different genres of music but my real passion is using my classical background mixed with my love of rock and jazz music. My songs are written straight from the heart and I just want to share my passion and love of music".

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