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Spells And Potions Ft Elemental and Dj Highfly. by The Magik Word

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Posted: 10 October 11

Spells and Potions by The Magik Word features a guest appearance from steam punk mc - Elemental, and cuts by britcore Dj Highfly.
The Magik Word consists of Merlin - Production, and Invokal - Poet/Mc/Singer.
Formed into 2009, they released their first self titled E.P, and Common Enemies entered The Latest 7 chart. A year later they released their second E.P, So Many Voices, which recieved great feedback.
The Magik Word are now set to release their first full length album - Stand-By Society, which see's Merlin's epic soundscape prouction travel to new levels, while Invokal speaks honestly, taking the listener on a ramble through our concrete culture.
Spells and potions is the second pre-release from Stand-By Society, after Break Free reached No.2 in early october 2011.

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