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Back to bed (Radio edit) by World Secret

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Posted: 17 October 11

World Secret is an English Progressive Rock/Post Punk band from the city of Brighton. Originally called White Russia, they played the UK live circuit between 1989 and 1992. They reformed in 2005 as World Secret.

Charlie Harper of UK Subs once quoted them as
“A brilliant band with a great vocalist”, (1990)
Although to be fair he was three sheets to the wind, they still laugh about it to this day.

In September 2011 they released their debut album also titled World Secret. This has already started to generate interest within the Music Industry. The albums diverse style’s crossover from progressive rock greats like Pink Floyd and Genesis to Post Punk bands Magazine and The Clash with a twist of Muse and Radiohead. The lyrical content of the songs sometimes makes you want to laugh out loud and other times smash some ones face in, or just hug a stranger. Complimented by jangley and distorted guitars, a solid rhythm section and atmospheric keyboards.

World Secret is Perrie Walder on lead vocals & keyboards and Garry Cox on keyboards, and occasional guitar, bass and backing vocals. They record, write, mix and produce their own (original as possible) tracks in a small but well equipped studio. They have accumulated a wealth of talent for the album including Soul/Jazz singer Joanne Arrowsmith, Bass guitarist Dave Barnard who has played with Massive Attack, Terry Callier and the Steve Ellis Love affair. And vocalist Rik Potter, who has sessioned for Frankie goes to Hollywood and Space Monkey.

Perrie is at university currently finishing a BA Honours degree in music production. He has recorded many bands in the last five years. Mixing, mastering and producing several different genres and styles although he has always been a performer at heart. Garry has worked as a recording engineer, session musician and producer for a number of bands and albums, wrote jingles for TV and Radio. He was also chair of Sounds Phenomenal a youth music project, co-ordinating workshops in music technology and singer/song writing, who also staged the Brighton Music Industry Conference.

It all started in 1989, Garry having left the band Total Strangers was writing material for a new project and head hunted Perrie after seeing him play live with the band No Comment. In 1990 they played the battle of the bands, but had to keep quiet about the fact that they had already signed a record deal and this could have been seen as bending the rules of the competition.

Their live gigs full of theatre, great songs and great moments, bought them attention from live agents. They also played with some great musicians like drummer Dil Davies who now plays with the Oysterband.

Presently they look forward to gigging the album in 2012, and have already started to rehearse and choreograph their live show. They hope to start recording their second album shortly.

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