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Ten More Years by The Lounge Crusade

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Posted: 28 November 11

We're Nathan, Wole, Eggy, Jason and Nick, five lads from Lincoln, England.

We're five friends with a die-hard passion for making music. Expressing ourselves in the only way we know how. We've all done stupid things; fallen for the wrong girls, fallen for the right girls. We've all been hurt, been scared, been brave. We've done things we're proud of, laughed, cried, drunk too much and woken up in hospital. Our experiences shape our music and our songs are heartfelt.

We craft our songs in a small Lounge with a small PA, copious amounts of tea and normally a packet of Jaffa cakes. We're a band who find ourselves in an industry full of image conscious, ego driven sheep who would probably eat their own gran (or someone else's) for a small piece of the lime light. We don't do pre-tense. If you love life, diversity, passion and a late night sing a long in a local pub with good friends, real ale and an open fire then you've already met The Lounge Crusade… you just didn't know it. In the eighteen months we've been together, we've had the time of our lives. We're all insanely driven and our music has already seen us play some of the UK's top music venues including headline spots at Liverpool's Cavern and London's Monto Water Rats. We've supported Tynchy Stryder at the Keepmoat Stadium, toured belgium and recorded our debut EP at the legendary Chapel Studios with producer Jim Spencer (Oasis, Charlatans, New Order).

For us it's not about ticking boxes on a musical to-do list, it's about living the moment and connecting with the people who make the effort to come and share the night with us.

In the short time we've been together, the feedback from the growing number of people who get what we do has been amazing. It's not that everyone likes our music but many people love it and that's what drive's us forward with ever growing confidence. If you want other people's opinions of our music, google us and you'll find them. Reviews are great and if you want to read poignantly written musical critiques and biographies then there are many about. But If you want to know where we've been, who we are and where we're going, put our music on your musical playing device, close your eyes, sit back and let us take you there.

There's nothing better than chasing your dream with your best friends.

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