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Little Glow by Afterspark

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Posted: 03 March 08

Afterspark accidentally wrote some songs together at the start of 2006 and since then have played on various radio shows and at gigs and festivals across the country supporting acts like Passenger, Ezio and Martha Tilston.

Introduced by a mutual friend, Cate and Adam play, write and listen to different music, argue over individual chords and words and disagree on key political and philosophical issues: In fact, they have only their love of music, and their left-handedness in common.

Over the last 6 months they have made an album containing 10 songs about a life lived in 12 months. It touches on relationships, uncertainty and the grandeur of everyday life but centres on change: The changes forced upon us, those that we force upon ourselves and how eventually those changes change us.

Recorded in their conservatory and self funded, their debut is a direct and personal album, qualities that are mirrored in their live performances. Moving from intimacy with captivating and enchanting tracks like 'Little Glow', to the raw and unflinching delivery of 'Beautiful Without You', Afterspark allow their songs take to centre stage.

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