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Where was I by Trip to Dover

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Posted: 09 February 12

This female fronted, 4-piece started over two years ago on the British South coast in Brighton. 75.000 miles later they played all over Europe and toured the USA.

Trip to Dover is electronic glory without losing the raw edge of rock. Think electronic Foo Fighters. Think Moby goes rock. With her love for Gibson guitars and a unique powerful voice, Olga sets the tone. Backed up by Johannes’ set of keyboards the result is catchy and slightly dark electro rock.

For Trip to Dover being a band is playing live. Hence they bought their ex-postal van before the first show was booked. They more than doubled its mileage and despite frequent breakdowns always made it to their shows on time. Learning on the street, their live set became tight and is now performed with ecstatic energy.

With so much time on the road they almost forgot to think about a new CD. That, they will correct very soon. Believing they could do better they went into the studio to define the magical balance between alternative rock and synthesizers. Trip to Dover has released a single in November 2011 and their new EP “Vegas & Berlin” has come out at 20th February 2012.

Now, with better mechanical skills than ever (and breakdown cover), Trip to Dover is burning with excitement to start touring the new songs.

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