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Spells And Potions Ft Elemental and Dj Highfly by The Magik Word

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Posted: 10 February 12

Spells And Potions Ft Elemental and Dj Highfly - By The Magik Word is a second preview to the forth-coming album 'Stand-By Society'. realms of parrallel realities right?.. mean-while inciteful lyrical lover and explorer INVOKAL asks you to join them, embarking on a voyage of discovery and delight, delving through the past, present and even the future. Purposley partaking in pure progression from expression...
The Magik Word formed in 2009.
After experimenting with some tracks Merlin and Invokal set about creating their first self titled ep, an experiment in forging hip hop soundscapes with poetic ryhming. A year later they released their second ep, So Many Voices, which recieved alot of good feedback. A more refined sound and a direct purpose made it a well sculpted assault on the senses.
After a years work, Merlin and Invokal are now set to release their first full length album. Mature and intellegent, Stand-By Society takes the listener on a voyage through our concrete culture, speaking with honesty and integrity about the human experience in the 21st century.

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