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Kidda vs. Beastie Boys - Triple Trouble by Kidda

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Posted: 03 March 08

Ste McGregor washed up on the fair shores of Brighton in early 1999.

With a ramshackle pile of vinyl and old calculator bits, he set about changing the music world forever. These formative years were creatively fruitful, nailing tonnes of animated promos for Midfield General (Midfielding), Lo Fidelity Allstars (Sleeping Faster) and a whole host of lousy tribute acts.

At the dawning of the new millenium, the now fledgling Kidda saw his musical attempts committed to wax. Under the guise of Gadji ("cause that's what you call a bloke from up North"), the mighty Puma Strut label released a 7inch that was soon to be hoovered up by the baying, vinyl-obsessed hip-hop clowns of the world.

This initial foray into soul/funk/latin/underpant breaks saw the young idiot cut his musical teeth. With an obvious devotion to hooks, drops and hard party vibes.

A meeting of minds with old muckers Skint Records saw an album deal landed in 2005 and following a very long production process due to 'continued pilfering of exisiting musical sources', the album is due to drop in 2008.

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