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3.6.5 Days by GODFREY

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Posted: 06 April 12

Glenn Godfrey is a UK Unsigned Rap Artist with a true passion and dream to take it all the way. Glenn grew up in Harlow, Essex, but later down the road moved to Takeley, Essex. Godfrey started writing at the age thirteen and was writing more than when he was in school. His best grade in school was a “B” for drama, so I guess the entertainment side has always been there, but apart from that he never really liked school. He's always had a passion for making music and couldn't sit around doing nothing about it; he was about 15 when he recorded his first song which really set his music career off. It was early 2010 when Godfrey decided to purchase the first of his music equipment and from here on out the lyrics, the beats and the music kept on flowing. After a lot of practice and time spent Godfrey went for his first audition in a Heart Radio competition, although he was not what they were looking for they told him to “send his music everywhere, you've got a lot of talent!”. With this he went home and continued making more and more music which each song in turn became better than the last.

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