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Over and Over (Hot Chip cover) by The Miserable Rich

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Posted: 04 March 08

Back in 2006, cellist and pianist Will Calderbank joined James de Malplaquet to form the Grape Authority, a live band playing the songs the latter had written under the name James Grape. De Malplaquet had a deal as a solo folk/electronica project, but while recording and developing a live band version, the two became frustrated with the traditions of indie, folk and electronica, and decided to turn what they had done on it's head.

They were also playing in 8-piece alt-folk outfit Shoreline, and with the band’s encouragement, they decided to use similar instrumentation in their new project. Taking the name from an experience they’d had playing at the wedding of two ultra-rich aristocrats in Rome, and musical inspiration from "Say you don't mind" by ex-Zombies singer Colin Blunstone and the Balanescu's super-cool orchestral covers of Krafwerk, James and Will decided to form The Miserable Rich - a chamber quintet to play their modern songs. Recording as they developed their sound, the pair recruited fellow Shoreliner Mike Siddell (Light Speed Champion, Kate Walsh, ex-Hope of the States) on violin, Lindsey Oliver (Kate Walsh, the Mummers) on double-bass, and Jim Briffett (Clearlake) on guitar.

The album, 12 Ways To Count, was recorded at de Malplaquet's house in Hove as the band formed over the summer of 2007. The Miserable Rich meanwhile helped promote themselves and other bands in their fledgeling Willkommen Collective (Shoreline, Sons of Noel and Adrian, Moonshine~Moonshine and the Leisure Society) through the collective's sold-out monthly Willkommen nights. Having refined their 'bar-room chamber music' both on record and on stage, 2008 promises to be a breakthrough year for The Miserable Rich. The album "12 ways to count" will be released in Europe on Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics in March, with the single “Pisshead/Boat Song’ released in the UK in April on Humble Soul. You can catch the Miserable Rich on tour in the UK in April and Europe in May, and listen to their music at myspace.com/themiserablerich. If you like it, let 'em know. They'd like that. And may all your ships sail safely through the night.'

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