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Next to Me by The Lieutenant's Mistress

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Posted: 04 March 08

The Lieutenant's Mistress are a 4-piece Indie band from Brighton, England. Formed in early 2007, their influences are traditionally British; combining character based storytelling with guitar jangle and a solid rhythm section. Occasionally dark, often insecure but always well observed, lyrically their caricatures and observational commentaries follow in the footsteps of British groups such as the Kinks and newer bands like Arctic Monkeys. Musically there are traces of Willy Mason, The Smiths, The Jam and New Order with a structured, yet still defiantly live, feel. The songwriting is strong and distinctive; each part has been tailored to add weight to the song rather than showcase individual talent. The addition of percussion and trumpet to the traditional vocal, guitar, bass and drums arrangement adds a dimension that makes The Lieutenant’s Mistress stand out from ordinary Indie bands.

Formed by school friends Andrew Motley, Matthew Geary and Louis May with the help of Graeme Collard on drums, in the few months in which they have been playing together they have already recorded and distributed a self-funded four track EP and played to packed crowds in both London and Brighton. The coming months see the iTunes release of The Lieutenant’s Mistress’s debut EP in the UK, US and Europe as well as the group playing several live dates throughout the South of England including the ‘Brighton Live’ Festival. Its clear that The Lieutenant’s Mistress are poised for big things and seem capable of realising them. It must be that sea air!

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