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Legs 4 Africa by Mirika

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Posted: 12 June 12

First Brighton Show Ever at The Bees Mouth July 12th, 2012

Wordy, rhythmic with a dash of kitsch, Canadian chanteuse Mirika expertly walks the line between infectious pop and indie chic.

After re-emerging last year and shooting to number 32 on the international ‘Hot Disk Charts’, the former Quebec Canada’s Songwriter of the Year is set to release the first tracks from her forthcoming album as part of the Double A-Side ‘I Love Ginger’ Singles.

Blending blues, hip hop, and rock into a rich pop tapestry, Mirika’s new material is effortlessly catchy and deceptively complex. Opening track Legs 4 Africa is a Technicolor blast of up-tempo melodies and features Mirika’s multi-layered vocal dexterity. While sister track Miranda is an affectionate trip-hop inspired ode to Australia’s favourite supermodel (Miranda Kerr). Together the two I Love Ginger Singles showcase Mirika’s ability to blend multiple musical styles while weaving vivid and charming lyrical couplets.

Having graced stages from Auckland to Amsterdam, The I Love Ginger Singles will make their debut in London England with performances in Canada and the UK to follow.

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