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Big Tin Heart by Eliza Jaye

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Posted: 21 July 12

The late, great John Peel once said that the problem with the world of Rock music is too many "white boys with guitars". Eliza Jaye offers something unique & fresh. Influenced by rock, blues, folk & punk. She explores themes which are particular to the female perspective & delivers her music in a way which expresses her intent as an artist, both original and sincere.

Her debut single 'Black Heart Rum', released in September 2011, has been played out by UK taste makers Steve Lamacq, (Saturday Show) Radio 2 & Tom Robinson, (BBC Introducing) BBC6. Her debut album 'The Seed' is due for release on 22nd October 2012.

As a child, Eliza trained as a classical violinist. At the age of 9, she busked around Sydney, raising the airfare to travel to Japan where she attended a violin conference.

As a teenager she cut her teeth playing with various bands as violinist, vocalist and cellist. She taught herself how to play the guitar and her ear turned to the blues, spending an entire year listening to nothing but Billy Holiday's album 'Lady Sings The Blues'. She had discovered that her passion lay in writing that all elusive 'great song', the lyric that 'strikes a chord' with the listener.

Eliza has crafted a unique sound, blending late 60s early 70s influences like Patti Smith, AC/DC, The Doors & The Velvet Underground through Grunge to the present day.

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