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Push by Collisions

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Posted: 11 December 12

Collisions crashed onto the alternative scene with the self-release of their debut single ‘Once Weary Eyes’ in the middle of 2011. Forcing together elements of Melodic Metal, Punk, Drum and Bass and Dubstep, they produce a distinctive and heavy sound that will compel you to move.

They are an impaction of rapid pulse-raising noise, crafted and layered to achieve something truly fresh. Collisions seek to blur the lines between digital and analogue, combining the raw power of distorted guitars and the rigid perplexities of digital synthesisers, to create a sound that is high octane and unique. Expect ambient synthesiser breakdowns, machine gun vocals and heavy grooves that lead into melody-driven choruses that will burn themselves onto the back of you brain. If comparisons need to be drawn, quotes of “Skindred meets Pendulum” and “Prodigy meets Arctic Monkeys” are uttered from the lips of stunned and sweaty gig goers leaving a show.

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