Getting Men Talking and the Get Curious Events

- March 13, 2020

Mark Walker and Yael Breuer discuss the importance of getting men talking and the Get...

The Grand Half Marathon

- February 25, 2019

Friends may wonder what I am doing reviewing a sporty event. I must confess that...

Unmissable Events

- November 19, 2018

JESS GLYNNE •WEDS 21• Jess Glynne is a household name and is bringing her new...

The importance Brighton Pride has on our community.

- August 1, 2018

Saturday 4th August is Brighton’s Pride March and music festival. Former Hove MP, Ivor Caplin...

Brighton School Children take their show From Brighton to Broadway!

- July 19, 2018

Brighton school children are  taking their play This Boy Tom! To New York, Broadway!

Master Chef Winner and owner of Edge Chats about Come Dine With Me

- July 16, 2018

Guy Lloyd chats about everything from Come Dine With Me to the restaurants success with...

It was the Vegan Fest this weekend! We speak to Vegan Vlogger JodieJo about Veganism.

- July 16, 2018

Guy Llyod speaks with JodieJo benefits and tackling myths of Veganism

William Ranieri reports on St John’s College ‘Summer Afternoon’ Festival at Concorde 2!

- July 13, 2018

William Ranieri  caught up on the Festival action yesterday at the Summer Showcase by St....

Sea of Lights Lantern Parade

- June 19, 2018

Yesterday Guy Lloyd spoke to Andrea and Claire about their upcoming lantern parade in November....

Brighton Marathon 2018

- April 15, 2018

The 9th Brighton Marathon was held on Sunday 15th April 2018, in which 12,000 runners...