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- 18 August 2023

I sort of pride myself on my knowledge of food from around the world, thirty...


- 24 March 2022

It’s some time since the shelter hall on Brighton seafront was renovated and quite a...

The Crescent Pub Brighton

- 13 July 2020

Ah lockdown, cabin fever, isolation, eating too much and probably all the wrong things, comfort...

Gars Chinese Restaurant

- 4 June 2020

Lockdown is no fun, no matter how many “cheery” memes and Tik Toks I stumble...

Chef Simon McKenzie At Home

- 10 May 2020

I love to cook, any one who knows me or has seen me will have...

Andrew Kay Dines Picture Too Perfect

Andrew Kay Dines – Picture Too Perfect

- 17 December 2019

I was checking out my social media presence the other day when I came upon...

One planet plate brighton

Andrew Kay Dines – One Planet Plate

- 24 September 2019

WE ALL LOVE CHOICE BUT ARE WE MAKING GOOD CHOICES? It’s wonderful to think that...

the wardrobe

Andrew Kay Dines – Old Ship Ahoy!

- 7 August 2019

THE WARDROOM The first time I ate at The Old Ship it was all silver...

The palm court brighton palace pier

Andrew Kay dines out

- 17 April 2019

Oh I do Like to Be beside the seaside…! For every oyster I swallow, for...

Andrew Kay dines out

- 11 March 2019

Lewes has always been an intriguing town and one that over the years has boasted...

Gin-gle bells

- 19 December 2018

I’m a gin drinker, always have been and no doubt always will be. But in...

Surya Wright Brighton Entrepreneur Talks About Her Nutrition Website

- 14 September 2018

You want to check your food? and you can at