virtual reality art

The virtual reality art that lets you step inside another world, literally

- May 17, 2022

As I begin our zoom meeting and the face of Brightonian artist, Maf’j Alvarez, blurs...

Gabriella Freeman, Family Law Sepcialist at Acumen People Solicitors

Gabriella Freeman on Changes to Divorce Legislation

- May 16, 2022

Gabriella Freeman of Acumen People Solicitors explains to Latest TV presenter Yael Breuer the fundamental...

Worthing Election, photo from Sussex World

Ian Hart at the Historical Worthing Council Election

- May 13, 2022

Latest TV Presenter Ian Hart is in Worthing to speak to the incoming councillors after...

Fickle Friends

‘Pretty Great’, Fickle Friends

- May 13, 2022

‘Are We Gonna Be Alright?’ is both the name of and the question asked by...

Footprint+ Brighton

Footprint+ Brighton

- May 12, 2022

Footprint+ is a new and exciting business conference starting up in Brighton this year, with...

The Kettling Cast at Electric Arcade

The KETTLING at The Electric Arcade

- May 11, 2022

If you want your faith in humanity restored here’s the prescription! Go see The KETTLING...

Entertainment News


- May 11, 2022

Meet Selena Mersey who takes a step into the word of Sigmund Freud with her...

Staunch! Drag Show


- May 10, 2022

“Gather round my darlings, for we have a tale of the FORBIDDEN, a story of...

BESYO, Jeneba Kanneh-Mason (piano), Peter Davison (conductor)

- May 10, 2022

There was a thrill in the air as this recently formed orchestra tuned up for...

Paul Diello One Hit Wonders of the Past

Paul Diello and the One-Hit Wonders of the Past

- May 9, 2022

“One-hit wonders are like love affairs – intense, but alas, all-too-brief. So join award-winning performer...

The Brighton International Animation Festival Comes to Latest TV!

- May 8, 2022

Following the success of the very first Brighton International Animation Festival at The Latest MusicBar...

Tom Veryzer

Happified by Tom Veryzer

- May 6, 2022

Tom Veryzer, a stand up and improv comic, is bringing his new show to Brighton...