Foyle–Stsura Duo – Michael Foyle (violin) Maksim Stsura (piano)

Schubert’s ‘Grand Duo’ was precisely that, two equal virtuosos playing wonderfully together, from memory, rather than a soloist with piano accompaniment. The difference in intensity is enormous, even with this happy, tuneful Viennese work. They did, however, need their scores for Prokofiev’s magisterial 2nd Violin Sonata, but this beautiful work requires half an hour of intensely rewarding concentration from both players and the audience. The communication between them was remarkable.

They ended with the 20 year-old Brahms’ boisterous Scherzo from the composite F-A-E Sonata, again from memory and delightfully energetic. It was no surprise that they received such thunderous applause.

Studio Theatre, Brighton Dome, 24 May 2016


Andrew Connal

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