Latest TV Video Productions

One Day...

Jab Today Safer Tomorrow

My Accomplice (Feature Film) Thousands have seen this film written and directed by Charlie Weaver Rolfe on our channel and across the local TV network

Extraordinary Spring

The Bootleg Beatles LIVE at the Brighton Centre

Granny's Gone Wild

Harry and Megan: Love and Home - example of a programme which showcases the city

Cambridge Central Mosque - Watch on Vimeo

FilmPride -


Antz Colony

Bird Dance In The Sky: Starling Murmurations

Brighton & Hove Business Awards 2021 - full awards show

Brighton Dome - Live Is Alive - promo

Brighton Palace Pier - a variety of promos and programmes - Watch on Vimeo

Be The Light In The Darkness

Disability Pride

Carousel TV Carousel TV

Latest TV Studio:

Attitude Awards starring Tom Allen, Dua Lipa, Yungblud and Stephen Fry amongst others

Example of our drone footage

Streamland UK - Music Livestreams (Streaming website developed in consultation with Rose Lubega at DCMS) - Watch on Vimeo

Extraordinary People

Yael Breuer interviews Stomp

Yael Breuer interviews Lynne Truss

Exceptional Homes: The home of Anne of Cleves

Construction of the i360

Life After Masterchef

The King of The Pipers: The story of the great Irish piper, Leo Rowsome (Produced by NVTV)

A Royal Loan: From Buckingham Palace to Brighton Pavilion

Henry Normal: Staring at the Eclipse

Fatboy Slow: on the trail with Fatboy Slim

You Make It We Show It featuring The Big Headed Boy animation

EuroStars: Drag contest - Watch on Vimeo

Baba Brinkman: Science Rapper - Watch on Vimeo

Aflo and the Poets - Watch on Vimeo

Black HIstory with Cuthbert Williams MBE - Watch on Vimeo

Cambridge Central Mosque - Watch on Vimeo

Example of our adverts for local businesses

Sunset Garden, Brighton Palace Pier

Euronics - Hills Sound and Vision

Acumen Business Convention 2018

Acumen People

Construction of the new iconic Cambridge Mosque

British Airways i360 - How it was built (5 minute short film)

Playlist of other short films Latest TV has produced for the British Airways i360

A day in the life of Streamline Taxis

Digital Nation showcasing local TV across the UK - Click here to see Digital Nation on the BBC

90 second advert for video production services