Andy Garth


Andy Garth: Paintings, Prints and Photos

- 1 October 2018

This week I have bought, sold and failed to sell lots of items at various...


Andy Garth: More Mad Items

- 24 September 2018

Now if you are reading by this after 25th September… then you’ve missed the opportunity...


Andy Garth: Auction Oddities

- 17 September 2018

The latest Auction Catalogue is out, and this week I have included three slightly off...


Andy Garth: Was the past better?

- 10 September 2018

I have recently acquired a 1960s white police helmet that only the Brighton Police wore...


Andy Garth: Books and The Tigers

- 3 September 2018

First of all, thanks for all the messages of support I have received since last...


Andy Garth: Online it is then

- 27 August 2018

For five years I have been running my shop in Western Road in Hove and...


Andy Garth: Laines and Common Fields

- 20 August 2018

During the World Cup and the hot Summer this year I have sat in my...


Andy Garth: Deeds indeed

- 13 August 2018

Last week we had a very successful auction where we sold nearly 250 lots of...


Andy Garth: Postcodes and Boundaries

- 6 August 2018

My topic this week is random this week, as as usual I’m rushing around like...


Andy Garth: Answers on a Postcard Please

- 23 July 2018

Our next eagerly awaited Auction catalogue is out, and as you may or may not...

Andy Garth: Here comes Summer

- 9 July 2018

So, it’s hot, sticky and the beaches are packed. Every time the heat becomes unbearable,...


Andy Garth: School Site

- 2 July 2018

At our last month’s auction I bought a couple of very unusual photos which I...