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Greed by The Junkhouse

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Plays this week: 8
Total plays: 6078

Posted: 23 May 11


The Junkhouse are a 3 piece band, writing songs with spacious grooves mixing up styles like Funky Blues, Reggae and some good old fashion Rock and Roll.
if you think about a Junkhouse, imagine it as a kid walking through a magical room full of memorabilia of the past. It is a collection of old and inspiring creations that are yearning to be reborn into a new an fresh existence, In a way what this band are doing, is taking older styles of music, then jumbling them all up to create a familiar and yet contemporary sound.

“Great songs great performers, a must see for all music lovers” NME

“The Junkhouse draws on a number of influences and musical styles
to deliver an unpretentious sound with a layered production that’s gratifying to the ear” Source

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