IN OUR 20s IN THE 2020s

A documentary film by Adelaide Cannell

Commenting on life as a 20-something in the contemporary world.

In this short film, Adelaide combines visual recordings of urban and rural life, travelling to the UK capital, London, and regional spaces around Sussex to capture shots of city living; the morning traffic, the packed platforms of central London, commuters grabbing their morning coffee…

The film acknowledges the beauty and charm of the young adult experience, shedding light on youthful adventure while appreciating it is not always all bright-eyed and bushy tailed magic.

Adelaide ventures out into the rural spaces of Sussex, vising small towns, such as Newhaven, Hastings and Eastbourne to capture the stillness of suburbia; the sound of morning birdsong, the wind in the trees, the stillness of rural platforms in juxtaposition to bustly London living.

She invites four 20-somethings, two working and living in London, and two living in Sussex, to talk about their lived experiences, navigating young professionalism, social life and the challenges and pressures they each face.

Henry, 24, shares his experiences in the world of financial services in Canary Wharf, while Stevie, 25, shines a light on the world of arts and fashion in Hackney.

Nathan Croft

In Hastings and Eastbourne Nathan, 26, and Jasmine, 23, share their experiences moving back home; their interests in arts and film and their personal passions.

Jasmine Burobey-Shenton

Adelaide, 23, is a filmmaker, photographer and creative from Sussex who, after a year travelling in Spain working as a teacher, has returned home to explore her passion, filmmaking, and more specifically, shedding light on the human experience through film.

Adelaide Cannell

Each of their worlds reveals unique experiences, both excitement and pressure, but they have one thing in common: all those pressures and doubts that come with experiencing young adult life.

Adelaide invites you to share in these experiences, wherever you may be in life and will be broadcast on Latest TV network in April.

Adelaide has been able to create this piece while being enrolled on the Digital Technologies and Live Streaming course run by Latest Group CIC and Latest TV, in partnership with East Sussex College in Newhaven. Working with members of the Latest TV team, students learn to script, film, edit and deliver TV programmes; ready for broadcast on the Brighton TV station and streaming.

Latest TV broadcasts on Freeview 7,
Virgin Media 159 and online.

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