BREMF – London: Court, Theatre & Cathedral – The BREMF Players & Singers, John Hancorn (director)

Inspired programming gave BREMF 2014 a resounding climax appropriate for Remembrance Sunday. Instead of any lament we heard Purcell’s celebration of music ‘Hail! Bright Cecilia’ and Handel’s paean to peace, the ‘Utrecht Te Deum’. I want to hear more from all those splendid young soloists: sopranos Augusta Hebbert and Molly Alexander, countertenors Tim Morgan and Simon Ponsford (who both nearly stole the show, Ponsford in ‘’Tis Nature’s voice’ and Morgan with David Blackadder’s valveless Baroque trumpet in Handel’s ‘Eternal Source of Light Divine’), also tenor Nick Pritchard and basses George Humphreys and Edward Grint. I can’t wait for BREMF 2015!

St George’s Church, 9 November 2014


Andrew Connal

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